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The purpose of this workshop is the demonstration of how Mobile Learning can be blended with Augmented Reality to produce educational mobile applications. The workshop will focus on the tools to develop such applications, namely App Inventor, an open-source mobile development environment, and Aurasma, a free augmented reality platform. App Inventor is a web-based programming environment developed by MIT, where Android applications are created. The projects created in AppInventor are stored in MIT App Inventor’s servers and are accessible from anywhere. Applications can be run in a connected physical device or in an emulator. The environment allows the use of almost all the features that the Android operating system allows, such as the use of graphics components, location services or the camera, and so the production of a wide variety of applications is possible, ranging from graphics-based games to educational applications. The advantage of the platform is that the design and implementation of an application are done using a visual block-based environment, and therefore no particular programming skills are required. 

Mobile and e-learning tools for blended learning

Blended learning can integrate face-to-face classroom practices with online and mobile delivery methods. It requires from educators not only a broad knowledge of various pedagogical approaches but also a working knowledge of technological tools and strategies to apply these tools effectively in their teaching and training practice. At the same time, mobile devices, most of teachers and learners carry in their pockets, offer a variety of built-in tools that can be utilized to support teaching and learning without much additional effort but offering numerous added benefits. There is also a multitude of online tools that can be integrated into the learning process. To name just two of them, quiz builders and QR-code generators are one of the most popular and useful.

Go gaming in the foreign-language-classroom

This workshop refers mostly to foreign language teachers of the primary and secondary level, with or without teaching experience, who would like to integrate gamification via blended learning in the curriculum, in due to change and differentiate the formative way of teaching the formative way of teaching, by implementing differentiated, intercurricular, intercultural activities and transformative learning. There should be a preparation phase for the workshop, as the participants ought to work on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle. During the workshop there will be a short introduction to gamification and how it could be combined with blended learning (flipped classroom) and school curricula. Selected digital game applications are presented and implemented. At the feedback phase the participants should fill in an online-questionnaire. All projects will be published on Padlet and on workshop’s closed facebook page.

Hybrid Education for Teacher Development

Many traditionally taught courses are transitioning to either online or hybrid format.  This change in method of delivery is received well by the millennial generation, but it remains to be seen how successful this move is to a more experienced population.  Last year we transitioned our Teacher Education Program from a traditional delivery method to a hybrid format.  This 54 hour course is mandatory for new hires and also taken by experienced faculty evolved into a hybrid format course.  The hybrid course involving 18 hours in-class, 18 hours online and 18 hours self-directed learning has been met with great response.

The process of transitioning this course will be relayed to participants as well as improvements and lessons learned through the process.  Participants can expect an interactive experience, and take away knowledge about the success and challenges of transitioning a course of this variety.  Please bring a laptop as we will explore the components of the course itself as part of the workshop.

Mix It Up with Blended Learning: A step-by-step Guide for Blended Learning

The term “blended learning” is being used with increased frequency in both academic and corporate circles. Blended courses (also known as hybrid or mixed-mode courses) are classes combining online and face-to-face instruction. This workshop will provide a basic introduction to blended learning systems and share some practical guidelines that are highly relevant to those who are implementing such systems. To accomplish these goals, the workshop will address five important questions related to blended learning such as: What will my blend be?, How and when will students and I interact?, How will I determine if students are learning?, How and when will I introduce and collect student work?, and Am I ready to deliver this course?