Blending AR and Mobile Learning Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is the demonstration of how Mobile Learning can be blended with Augmented Reality to produce educational mobile applications. The workshop will focus on the tools to develop such applications, namely App Inventor, an open-source mobile development environment, and Aurasma, a free augmented reality platform. App Inventor is a web-based programming environment developed by MIT, where Android applications are created. The projects created in AppInventor are stored in MIT App Inventor’s servers and are accessible from anywhere. Applications can be run in a connected physical device or in an emulator. The environment allows the use of almost all the features that the Android operating system allows, such as the use of graphics components, location services or the camera, and so the production of a wide variety of applications is possible, ranging from graphics-based games to educational applications. The advantage of the platform is that the design and implementation of an application are done using a visual block-based environment, and therefore no particular programming skills are required.

Aurasma, on the other hand, is a free web-based platform, which allows the creation of Augmented Reality scenarios. After the creation of the scenario on the Aurasma Studio on the browser, the Aurasma mobile application can be used to detect objects and superimpose graphics in order to enhance the physical world. The process of creating this scenario is fairly simple since it requires first the upload of the trigger images and then the selection of the graphics that will be displayed upon detection of the trigger image. The graphics can be simple images, buttons, videos or animated 3D models, which in turn can perform various actions when pressed, such as open a web page or play a sound. After the presentation of the main features of these two platforms, the workshop will conclude with a demonstration of how App Inventor software can be used in conjunction with Aurasma for the development of an educational mobile application.

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