Dissemination of Educational Robotics in the Schools of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region of Greece

Educational robotics is an innovative learning methodology, which combines the elements of basic sciences (physics, engineering), new technologies IT (software development, artificial intelligence) and study of human behavior and therefore it is particularly suited for STEM education especially in first levels of education. On the other hand, in its broadest sense, collaborative learning can be defined as working together on a specific issue in such a way as to promote individual learning through collaborative processes. Educational robotics is by its nature an interactive collaborative learning process where both trainers and trainees are active participants and as such it has all the many advantages and few disadvantages of collaborative learning. This paper makes a short reference to the advantages and characteristics of educational robotics and collaborative learning, present the ongoing work in this area in the schools of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region of Greece, led by the Center of Technological Research and proposes the use of blended learning as a future action of the Center.