Hybrid Education for Teacher Development

Many traditionally taught courses are transitioning to either online or hybrid format. This change in method of delivery is received well by the millennial generation, but it remains to be seen how successful this move is to a more experienced population. Last year we transitioned our Teacher Education Program from a traditional delivery method to a hybrid format. This 54 hour course is mandatory for new hires and also taken by experienced faculty evolved into a hybrid format course. The hybrid course involving 18 hours in-class, 18 hours online and 18 hours self-directed learning has been met with great response.

The process of transitioning this course will be relayed to participants as well as improvements and lessons learned through the process. Participants can expect an interactive experience, and take away knowledge about the success and challenges of transitioning a course of this variety. Please bring a laptop as we will explore the components of the course itself as part of the workshop.